Welcome to Magic Campfire.

Magic Campfire is a themed systematic product integrating physical and digital effects to create the nostalgic, thrilling atmosphere of a recognizable campfire. The system incorporates audio, video, lighting, and other special effects surrounding a realistic yet completely safe campfire to create a unique 360 degree experience. The campfire unit also uses a combination of physical and special effects, including surround sound, scent, heat, vibration, and projected imagery of pre-rendered and real-time content, to achieve an immersive experience. Also developed as a home product, Magic Campfire is outfitted with smart technology enabling it to download and play theatrical stories, games, sing-alongs, music, and more. In addition to the stand-alone Magic Campfire for themed entertainment venues, the smaller home product may connect to an open platform home smart systems, such as Alexa or Google Home, to create similar play experiences in your home. While Magic Campfire is the initial design of this product, the technology may be themed in a variety of designs in forms such as crystals or trees, to meet your theming needs.

We hope you have brought the fire in your belly, your stories and a burning desire to connect around Magic Campfire. you will be transported from documentary to fantasy as you become part of the magical story, drawn in by the glow of the embers, the sparks of imagination and the power of fire.